Be Mine Special Edition
From Groupees
Available Sep 12, 2013 — Sep 25, 2013
BTA Games
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Platforms Windows-icon Mac-icon

Be Mine Special Edition was the thirty-ninth multiple-game bundle from Groupees.


Purchasers could pay anything they wanted ($1 minimum) for this bundle with a $5 minimum to get an additional 5 games.


The bundle started out with Ravaged Zombie Apocalypse, MacGuffin's Curse, and Tower Wars for all purchasers. Hamilton's Great Adventure, Krater, and Zombie Driver HD were included for those who paid at least $5. Once enough bundles were sold, Fortix, and Star Wolves 3: Civil War were unlocked for all buyers.


Individual Steam keys were provided for each game. The soundtrack for Zombie Driver HD was included as another key. The keys for Hamilton's Great Adventure and Krater included DLC.


MacGuffin's Curse can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows. All other games can be played on Windows through Steam.


MacGuffin's Curse can be downloaded DRM-free for Mac. Tower Wars, Fortix, and Krater can be played on Mac through Steam.

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