Digital Tribe Groupee
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Available Jan 29, 2013 — Feb 1, 2013
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The Friendship Circle

Digital Tribe Groupee was the fourteenth multiple-game bundle from Groupees.


Purchasers could pay anything they wanted ($1 minimum) for this bundle, paying at least $3 added bonuses (including two games) for individual purchasers. Bonuses unlocked for everyone as the total number of sales increased. 20% of the price goes to charity if the purchaser checked the donate to charity box.


The bundle started out with Section 8 and Monster Madness, with Cargo Commander and Hotel Giant 2 included for those who paid at least $3. Roogoo was added for everyone once 2000 bundles were sold.


Each purchaser received separate Steam keys to activate Section 8, Roogoo, Cargo Commander, and Hotel Giant 2 on the purchaser’s account individually.


This bundle did not include any Desura keys.


Monster Madness can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows. Section 8, Roogoo, Cargo Commander, and Hotel Giant 2 can be played on Windows through Steam.


Cargo Commander can be played on Mac through Steam.


This bundle did not support Linux.

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