Flying Moonrise Bundle
From Flying Bundle
Available Oct 31, 2013 — Nov 15, 2013


BTA Games
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Flying Moonrise Bundle was the second bundle offered by Flying Bundle.


Purchasers could pay what they wanted with a $1 minimum. Paying more than $4 added additional games.


The bundle included Chernobyl Commando, Dinner Date, Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood, Lylian: Paranoid Friendship, and Noire for all purchasers. DIVO, Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre, Lightfish, Plain Sight, and Rhythm Destruction were added for those who paid $4 or more.


Steam keys were provided for Dinner DateDIVOForeign Legion: Buckets of Blood, Foreign Legion: Multi Massacre, Lightfish, and Plain Sight.


Desura keys were provided for Chernobyl CommandoDIVOLightfishLylian: Paranoid Friendship, Noire, and Rhythm Destruction.


All games are playable on Windows through either Steam or Desura. There are no DRM-free versions in the bundle.


Lightfish, and Noire are playable on Mac through Desura. Foreign Legion: Buckets of BloodForeign Legion: Multi Massacre, and Lightfish are playable on Mac through Steam. There are no DRM-free versions in the bundle.


DIVO, and Lightfish are playable on Linux through Desura. DIVO is playable on Linux through Steam. There are no DRM-free versions in the bundle.

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