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Humble Bundle
Pricing PWYW with BTA
Charity amount Adjustable

Humble Bundle is the first and best-known group to sell pay-what-you-want indie game bundles. Most of their bundles allow the purchaser to decide how their price is split between game developers, charities, and the bundle itself. Most games in the bundles are available on Steam, and for a while Desura keys were included as well. Games are almost always available DRM-free for Windows, Mac, Linux, and sometimes Android. More recent bundles have introduced a minimum price for Steam keys due to abuse of people paying one cent to create new non-free Steam accounts to collect extra prizes during promotions.


Humble Bundle has released the following bundles so far:

  1. The Humble Indie Bundle
  2. The Humble Indie Bundle #2
  3. The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle
  4. The Humble Indie Bundle #3
  5. The Humble Frozen Synapse Bundle
  6. The Humble Voxatron Debut
  7. The Humble Introversion Bundle
  8. The Humble Indie Bundle #4
  9. The Humble Bundle for Android
  10. The Humble Bundle Mojam
  11. The Humble Bundle for Android #2
  12. The Humble Botanicula Debut
  13. The Humble Indie Bundle V
  14. The Humble Music Bundle
  15. The Humble Bundle for Android #3
  16. The Humble Indie Bundle 6
  17. The Humble eBook Bundle
  18. The Humble Bundle for Android #4
  19. The Amnesia Fortnight
  20. The Humble THQ Bundle
  21. The Humble Indie Bundle 7
  22. The Humble Bundle Mojam 2
  23. The Humble Bundle with Android 5
  24. The Humble Mobile Bundle
  25. The Humble Double Fine Bundle
  26. The Humble Indie Bundle 8
  27. The Humble Bundle with Android 6
  28. The Humble eBook Bundle 2
  29. The Humble Deep Silver Bundle
  30. The Humble Origin Bundle
  31. The Humble Comedy Bundle
  32. The Humble Indie Bundle 9
  33. Humble Mobile Bundle 2
  34. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 7
  35. The Humble WB Games Bundle
  36. Humble Mobile Bundle 3
  37. Yogcast Dwarven Dairy Drive
  38. Humble Jumbo Bundle
  39. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 8
  40. The Humble Indie Bundle 10
  41. The Humble Sid Meier Bundle
  42. The Humble Indie Bundle 11
  43. The Humble Mobile Bundle 4
  44. Humble eBook Bundle 3
  45. Humble Bundle: PC and Android 9
  46. Humble Mobile Bundle 5
  47. Humble Indie Bundle 12

Weekly SaleEdit

After The Humble Bundle with Android 5 ended (March 19, 2013), Humble Bundle offered its first The Humble Weekly Sale. A promotion is offered for pay-what-you-want, changing every Tuesday. Similarly to the bundles, a Steam key is only provided for purchases $1 or more. Beating the average adds additional items. After four weekly sales, the Humble Weekly Sale took a break.

There have been the following weekly sales so far:

  1. The Humble Weekly Sale: Bastion
  2. The Humble Weekly Sale: THQ
  3. The Humble Weekly Sale: TripWire Interactive
  4. The Humble Weekly Sale: Blendo Games
  5. The Humble Weekly Sale: Alan Wake
  6. The Humble Weekly Sale: Telltale Games
  7. The Humble Weekly Sale: Serious Sam
  8. The Humble Weekly Sale: 11 bit studios
  9. The Humble Weekly Sale: Rochard
  10. The Humble Weekly Sale: Klei Entertainment
  11. The Humble Weekly Sale: Two Tribes
  12. The Humble Weekly Sale: Spiderweb Software
  13. The Humble Weekly Sale: Jim Guthrie
  14. The Humble Weekly Sale: Positech Games
  15. The Humble Weekly Sale: 1C Company
  16. The Humble Weekly Sale: Introversion Software
  17. The Humble Weekly Sale: Hosted by PewDiePie
  18. The Humble Weekly Sale: Paradox Interactive
  19. The Humble Weekly Sale: Arcen Games
  20. The Humble Weekly Sale: Retro Shooters
  21. The Humble Weekly Sale: Egosoft Games
  22. The Humble Weekly Sale: Kalypso Media
  23. The Humble Weekly Sale: Nordic Games
  24. The Humble Weekly Sale: Focus Home Interactive
  25. The Humble Weekly Sale: Hothead Games
  26. The Humble Weekly Sale: Cipher Prime
  27. The Humble Weekly Sale: Team 17
  28. The Humble Weekly Sale: Daedalic Entertainment
  29. The Humble Weekly Sale: bitComposer Games
  30. The Humble Weekly Sale: Zen Studios
  31. The Humble Weekly Sale: Nov 28, 2013
  32. The Humble Weekly Sale: Multimedia Fusion 2
  33. The Humble Weekly Sale: ACE Team, ATLUS Games and Tripwire Interactive
  34. The Humble Weekly Sale: Puppy Games
  35. The Humble Weekly Sale: Penny Arcade
  36. The Humble Weekly Sale: Amanita Design and friends
  37. The Humble Weekly Sale: Frozenbyte
  38. The Humble Weekly Sale: Bohemia Interactive
  39. The Humble Roguelike Weekly Sale
  40. The Humble Weekly Sale: Codemasters
  41. The Humble Weekly Sale: Double Fine
  42. The Humble Weekly Sale: The Adventure Company and Friends


Humble Bundle usually supports two charities: the EFF and Child's Play. Purchasers can choose how their price is split, even opting to give the entire amount to charity. Occasionally the charity options are different: HIB4 supported the American Red Cross instead of the EFF for the holidays, Mojam supported charity: water and the American Red Cross in addition to the usual EFF and Child's Play for a total of four charities (with all proceeds going to charity), and Botanicula supported just the World Land Trust since it fit with the game’s theme.


Humble Bundles are usually (and initially were always) cross-platform. This often means that games get ported to Linux and Mac shortly before being included in a bundle. Humble Bundle initially stood out by formerly requiring (and continues to at least encourage) bundled games to offer options for Windows, Mac, and Linux while other bundles typically include Mac and Linux versions only if the game already had such versions. Windows gets practically all games available for a computer while Mac and even moreso Linux are often left out. Thus, many Mac and Linux purchasers appreciated Humble Bundle’s work toward encouraging cross-platform gaming.

Humble Bundle has made installation on Linux even easier for those using Ubuntu (the most popular Linux distribution) by making them available through the Ubuntu Software Center. There are still some compatibility issues on Linux though, especially for those who choose open source video drivers over closed source nvidia / ATI drivers. See the List of Humble Bundle Games Playable on Free Drivers to find out which games from Humble Bundles can be played on Linux using open source drivers.

Some Humble Bundle games are not cross-platform, which is more common in the weekly sales. When this happens it is indicated on the purchase page. Linux is the most often platform left out.


Humble Bundles are usually (and initially were always) DRM-free. This often means that games get a DRM-free version shortly before being included in a bundle, and often only in this bundle. Humble Bundle stands out by requiring or at least encouraging bundled games to offer DRM-free options for Windows, Mac, and Linux while other bundles typically include them only if the game already had such versions.

Some Humble Bundle games are not DRM-free, which is more common in the weekly sales. When this happens it is indicated on the purchase page.


Humble Bundle started out offering a single Steam key that would activate all bundle games together, which was available for all purchasers. Purchasers beating the average price would receive a different or additional key to provide the games that were only available to purchasers beating the average. After The Humble Indie Bundle 4, Steam keys were only provided to purchasers paying at least $1, and after The Humble Indie Bundle 6 Steam keys went from a couple bundled keys to individual keys for each game, though The Humble Indie Bundle 8 returned to bundled keys.

Starting with The Humble Weekly Sale: Team 17, Steam keys are no longer provided for copy-paste activation. Instead, the download page uses the Steam API to redeem games to a linked Steam account. While this is simpler for activating all games on the same Steam account, it is more difficult to share individual games among multiple accounts. Humble Bundle’s terms of service has always said the entire bundle is for personal use only, and this Steam redemption process enforces it to a degree.


With The Humble Frozenbyte Bundle, Desura keys started being included with Humble Bundles. This lasted until The Humble Indie Bundle 4. By that point, Indie Royale (which is associated with Desura) had established itself by putting out 4 bundles, so it’s possible Desura stopped cooperating with Humble Bundle or that Humble Bundle decided to leave Desura keys to Indie Royale.


Humble Bundle added the option of making an account, which allows purchasers to organize all of their Humble Bundle purchases under a single login instead of keeping track of a separate e-mail message with a link for each bundle. Visit to sign in or create an account. If all your Humble Bundle purchases were made with the same e-mail address, creating an account with that address automatically adds all of your bundles. You can also manually add other bundles by visiting the link from the e-mail and using the add option that appears on the page if you are logged in.

Open source gamesEdit

Some games went open source after being featured in a Humble Bundle. A full list of open source games can be found here.

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