IndieMeadow Greenlight Bundle
From IndieMeadow
Available Nov 13, 2013 — Dec 1, 2013
DRM Drm-free-icon
Platforms Windows-icon Mac-icon Linux-icon

The IndieMeadow Greenlight Bundle was the first bundle from IndieMeadow.


Purchasers could set their price from one euro up to as high as desired.


The bundle contains Dweebs 3, Full Bore, Little Cells, Plush, Siege Wars, Sphoxie, Splatter.


While no game initially was available on Steam, all games are on Steam Greenlight and Steam keys will be provided as soon as the games are greenlit.


No Desura keys are given on the bundle page, but the following developers will give Desura keys if you send them proof of purchase:

  • Full Bore:
  • Siege Wars:
  • Splatter:


All games of this bundle can be played DRM-Free on Windows.


Plush as well as Little Cells can be played on Mac OS.


Full Bore can be played on Fedora and Ubuntu, Plush and Little Cells can be played on all Linux platforms

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