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Indie Gala was the first to include music with an indie game bundle. Most of the games in their bundles only provide Steam keys. After e-mailing keys and download links with passwords for the first bundle, Indie Gala switched to a download page where purchasers who entered the same e-mail address for subsequent bundles can see all bundles (except the first one) on one page. While Indie Gala has a bundle on sale they often hold happy hours where purchases include extra giftable copies of the bundle.

There exist also a slew of smaller bundles in the GalaStore such as the Crazy Machines Bundle and the Classic Adventure Bundle that function on the same basic principals.

Similar to Humble Bundle, Indie Gala has added a weekly bundle. A promotion is offered for pay-what-you-want, changing every Tuesday. A Steam or Desura key is provided for purchases $1 or more. Beating the average adds additional items.


Indie Gala has released the following bundles so far:

  1. Indie Gala 1
  2. Indie Gala 2
  3. Indie Gala 3
  4. Indie Gala 4
  5. Indie Gala 5
  6. Indie Gala Mobile
  7. Indie Gala 6
  8. Indie Gala Mobile 2
  9. Indie Gala 7
  10. Indie Gala 8
  11. Indie Gala 9
  12. Indie Gala 10
  13. Indie Gala Sim
  14. Indie Gala 11
  15. Indie Gala Magicka
  16. Indie Gala Colossus
  17. Indie Gala Flash
  18. Indie Gala Dwarves
  19. Indie Gala Mass Effect
  20. Indie Gala Mobile 3
  21. Indie Gala June
  22. Indie Gala Summer Dream
  23. Indie Gala Summertide
  24. Indie Gala Theatre Of War
  25. Indie Gala Flashpoint
  26. Indie Gala October
  27. Indie Gala Halloween Mix
  28. Indie Gala Dirt
  29. Indie Gala Codemasters
  30. Indie Gala Limited
  31. Indie Gala January
  32. Indie Gala Interstellar

Weekly BundlesEdit

There have been 8 Indie Gala Weekly bundles so far:

  1. Indie Gala Weekly 1
  2. Indie Gala Weekly 2
  3. Indie Gala Weekly 3
  4. Indie Gala Tropico
  5. Indie Gala Dungeons
  6. Indie Gala Sigma
  7. Indie Gala Magicka++
  8. Indie Gala Red Faction
  9. Indie Gala Fire & Sword

Store BundlesEdit

There have been 10 Gala Store bundles so far:

  1. The King's Bounty Bundle
  2. The Helldorado Bundle
  3. The Classic Adventure Bundle
  4. The WHispered Cargo Bundle
  5. The History Bundle
  6. The Death2Spies Bundle
  7. The Rig Off-Road Bundle
  8. The Sacred Diciplines Bundle
  9. The Painkiller Bundle
  10. The Crazymachines Bundle

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