Indie Gala 11
From Indie Gala
Available Nov 27, 2012 — Dec 12, 2012
BTA Games
DRM Steam-icon Drm-free-icon
Platforms Windows-icon

Indie Gala 11 was the thirteenth bundle from Indie Gala.


Purchasers can pay as low as one cent to buy the bundle, but a minimum of one dollar was necessary to get any Steam keys. Paying more than the average added four more games.


The bundle included Imperial Glory for all purchasers. For those paying at least one dollar, XIII Century and NecroVisioN: Lost Company were also included. Paying more than the average added Men of War, Cryostasis, Star Wolves 3: Civil War, Men of War: Red Tide, King's Bounty: The Legend, Fantasy Wars, and NecroVisioN.


All games except Imperial Glory were made available as a separate Steam key to activate the game on the purchaser’s account.


This bundle did not include any Desura keys.


Imperial Glory can be downloaded DRM-free for Windows.


None of the games in this bundle support Mac.


None of the games in this bundle support Linux.

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