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Available Mar 19, 2013 — Apr 15, 2013
BTA Games
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Indie Mashup was the fifth bundle from Bundle Stars.


This bundle was available as a pay what you want with two tiers. The minimum amount was $1.25 and included only the first two games, while paying any amount $4.95 and higher would unlock all the games in the bundle. 5% of the profits were donated to SpecialEffect.


The bundle included Star Drone, Jazz: Trumps Journey, Crash Time 2, Still Life, Still Life 2, Chrome, Vigil: Blood Bitterness, Tank Universal, Syberia, and Syberia 2. The last two were initially mystery games and revealed later during the bundle's sale period.


Purchasing this bundle included 8 individual Steam keys for all games except the first two (Star Drone and Jazz: Trumps Journey).


Purchasing this bundle included a Desura key for Star Drone


Star Drone and Jazz: Trumps Journey could be downloaded DRM free for Windows.


Jazz: Trumps Journey could be downloaded DRM free for Mac.

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