If a game is shown here to work with your driver, but fails on you, please be sure to use a recent enough version. The development of Mesa is frequently ahead of the distributions. If using Ubuntu or derivatives, you may want to look into xorg-edgers repository for latest versions.

Humble Indie BundleEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Aquaria OK ? OK
Gish OK ? OK
Lugaru HD OK ? OK
Penumbra: Overture Almost ? ? Sometimes a little slow.
Samorost 2 OK ? ? Game in Flash.
World of Goo OK ? OK

Humble Indie Bundle 2Edit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Braid OK ? ? Great with the latest drivers.
Cortex Command OK ? ? Preview version.
Machinarium OK ? ? Game in Flash.
Osmos OK ? ?
Revenge of the Titans OK ? OK Java

Humble Frozenbyte BundleEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Jack Claw -- -- -- Prototype, not for Linux.
Shadowgrounds Unplayable ? ? Fails to start.
Shadowgrounds Survivor Unplayable ? ? Fails to start.
Splot -- -- -- Unreleased.
Trine OK ? ?

Great with latest radeon.

Humble Indie Bundle 3Edit

radeon noveau intel Notes
And Yet It Moves OK  ?  ?
Atom Zombie Smasher OK ? OK
Cogs Crappy ? ? Frequently fails to start, crash if try to set to Fullscreen.
Crayon Physics Deluxe OK  ?  ?
Hammerfight OK  ?  ?
Steel Storm: Burning Retribution Slow  ?  ? Much slower than with proprietary drivers.

Humble Frozen Synapse BundleEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Frozen Synapse OK  ? OK
SpaceChem OK ? OK
Trauma OK ? ? Game in Flash.

Humble Voxatron DebutEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Blocks That Matter OK ? ?
Chocolate Castle OK ? OK
Jasper's Journeys OK ? OK
The Binding of Isaac OK ? OK
Voxatron OK ? OK
Zen Puzzle Garden OK ? OK

Humble Introversion BundleEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
City Generator -- -- -- Tech demo. Windows only.
Darwinia OK ? ?
Dungeons of Dredmor OK ? OK
Multiwinia OK ? ?
Uplink OK ? ?
Voxel -- -- -- Tech demo. Windows only.

Humble Indie Bundle 4Edit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Bit Trip Runner OK  ? OK
Cave Story+ OK ? OK
Gratuitous Space Battles OK ? Unplayable On intel, segfaults on start.
Jamestown OK ? OK
NightSky HD OK ? OK
Shank OK ? Unplayable On intel, only HUD visible during game.
Super Meat Boy OK ? Almost Some texture artifacts on intel.

Humble Bundle for AndroidEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Anomaly: Warzone Earth Unplayable  ?  ? Segfaults on start.
Toki Tori OK ? ?

Humble Bundle MojamEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Catacomb Snatch  ?  ?  ?
The Broadside Express ? ? ?
Untitled ? ? ?

Humble Bundle for Android 2Edit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Avadon: The Black Fortress OK  ?  ?
Canabalt OK ? ? Game in Flash.
Swords & Soldiers OK ? ?
Zen Bound 2 Unplayable ? ? Fails to start.

Humble Botanicula DebutEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Botanicula  ?  ?  ? Game in Flash.
Kooky -- -- -- It is a movie, not a game.
Machinarium See Humble Indie Bundle #2
Osada ? ? ? Game in Flash.
Samorost 2 See Humble Indie Bundle #1
Windosill ? ? ? Game in Flash.

Humble Indie Bundle VEdit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Amnesia: The Dark Descent OK  ?  ?
Bastion Almost ? ? Little slow under heavy special effects, like rain.
Braid See Humble Indie Bundle #2
Lone Survivor ? ? ? Game in Flash.
Psychonauts Slow ? ? The speed is fine during the cinematics and in closed space cenarios, but gets very slow when on open landscape.
Super Meat Boy See Humble Indie Bundle #4
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP OK ? ?

Humble Indie Bundle 6Edit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Dustforce OK  ?  ?
Rochard Slow ? OK
Shatter OK ? ?
Space Pirates and Zombies Almost ? ? Things get slow when too many objects on screen.
Torchlight OK ? OK
Vessel ? ? ?

Humble Indie Bundle 7Edit

radeon noveau intel Notes
Closure OK  ? OK
Dungeon Defenders + All DLC ? ? ?
Legend of Grimrock Almost ? ? Only playable on lowest quality settings. Artifact on mouse cursor.
Shank 2 OK ? OK
Snapshot OK ? OK
The Binding of Isaac + Wrath of The Lamb DLC OK ? ?

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